Our Story
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Our Story

Once upon a time there were two young girlies that met doing a job, they did a good job and had a lot of fun doing it, they bought and sold shoes, they travelled far and wide and laughed together a lot. Then they got husbands, mortgages and bigger jobs. They went their separate ways but remained firm friends

One girlie, Nadene, carried on buying and selling shoes, did it very well and made a decent living out of it whilst building a network of contacts, having 2 babies and a very understanding husband! The other girlie, Lesley Ann, carried on for a while, had 2 babies and stopped work. (cos having babies and keeping house is not work is it!?).

One day, they were having a regular catch up and Nadene said she wanted to start her own business and wanted Lesley Ann to help, Lesley Ann dared Nadene to just go ahead and do it……..and blow me, she did!

That’s how Ruby Rocks Footwear was born. They found a fab designer, a fab brand (established by the beautiful Jenny McDonald), they made some fab shoes, they found some fab retail business partners and they started to really have fun. They’ve now added to their gang a gorgeous, young and talented fashion graduate and the future is not just looking bright  it’s multicoloured!

Please bookmark us follow us and enjoy our journey with us…..


Nadene, Jenny, Lesley and Harriet.
Ruby Rocks Footwear
Our Story...